SMART TUNNEL DRIVE in Antwerp (Belgium)

BMW makes you an active part of the traffic management:
Avoid heavy traffic on Kennedy tunnel and get a toll free passage through the Liefkenshoektunnel. Have a convenient drive and behave according to the cities guidelines.
Start end of 2019.
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What's in it for me?

Are you driving a BMW vehicle with onboard navigation device? Living/working in or in the surroundings of Antwerp (BE)? Be part of our trial for 1000 test users and help the City to manage traffic best. Experience and give us your feedback.

A picture of using the touch functionality on the head unit.

General Service Description.

In case of extraordinary heavy traffic in the Kennedytunnel this Service triggers you when to change your route to the Liefkenshoektunnel to spread traffic best and to reduce congestion.

If you follow the alternative route, we send you instantly a toll-free voucher on your mobile device. Show it at the Liefkenshoek toll both and get a toll-free drive.

The traffic rating to extraordinary is done by the Flemish Traffic Management Center (Vlaamse Overheid). The toll-free drive is their reward for your contribute to a smart traffic management provided by BMW Smart Tunnel Drive Service.

Vehicle Settings.

When successfully subscribed, the service will be set up over the air in your car. You do not have to go to a garage or a dealer.

To use the service, two manual settings are needed in your car:
- Select “GenIE App”
- Select “online routes” in the route settings

- After your registration and our email announcement, that the service is launched, it could take up to 7 days before the Service becomes available in your car.

A picture of the Connected Drive apps.
A picture of the in car navigation map.

When will you be able to use the Service?

To use the Service, your navigation guidance has to be active.
If the routing guides you via the Kennedytunnel, the Service will suggests you to switch your route to the Liefkenshoektunnel

a) when toll is suspended in general by the Flemish Road Authority (Vlaamse Overheid); or

b) if the Flemish Road Authority (Vlaamse Overheid) monitors that the traffic needs a redistribution to balance the traffic flow in the two tunnels.

Toll free QR code voucher.

You are incentivised to follow up the re-routing advice via the Liefkenshoektunnel with the offer of a toll free voucher (only in case b)).

If you accepts, the guidance of the Online Routing will be adapted to the alternative via the Liefkenshoektunnel.

Then, you get sent a QR Code by email to your registered address when approaching the Liefkenshoektunnel.

Only the QR Code voucher on the mobile device serves as a payment method at the Liefkenshoek tunnel toll booths for one passage within the stated valid time period.

A picture of the vehicle app with a notification and a QR code on it.
A picture of the booths of the tunnel.

Use green arrow booth.


- You have to use one of the Liefkenshoek toll booths with a green arrow sign to get the QR Code scanned.

- Use your mobile device in the context of the Service to the extent it is permitted under applicable traffic laws and regulations, in particular not while driving.

Smart Tunnel Drive is part of Socrates2.0

SOCRATES 2.0 promotes the introduction of traffic management in navigation services. It is a European project based on a cooperation of road authorities, service providers and the BMW Group. We will improve car mobility by promoting cleaner, efficient and safe flow of traffic. Hence our pay-off: fast, safe and green.

More about Socrates 2.0

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Antwerp (BE)
BMW vehicle equipped with active Connected Drive Services
BMW vehicle equipped with Professional Navigation system version ID5/6 (available in certain BMW vehicles produced since 03/2015)
valid email address that can be accessed via your mobile device while being in the serviced vehicle