Online Apps Hackathon

The Online Apps Platform (OAP) is running in the newest generation of BMW Head-Units. Its SDK provides a large number of vehicle APIs and facilitates backend communication. In this way, it enables the development of apps that are running directly in the car, similar as you might know from your favorite mobile app platform.

Application deadline August 9th.
Start Hackathon 12./13. September 2019
Apply for the OAP Hackathon
A picture of a BMW Limousine.

What's in it for me?

The digitalization of the vehicle cockpit with its large displays, diverse interaction capabilities as touch, gesture and speech as well as the car’s connectivity enable endless new possibilities for digital services in the car. The Online Apps Platform allows an easy and light-weighted app development as you know it from your mobile phone. Building on a NodeJS tech-stack, the platform provides access to dozens of vehicle functionalities and enables modular over-the-air deployment of apps. Join us now, to realize your idea of the automotive digital service of the future!

A picture of a BMW interior.

The Online Apps Platform (OAP) is an onboard software platform, running in the newest generation of BMW Head-Units - the Media Graphic Unit (MGU). The first time it is shipped with the new BMW X5 series in June 2018.

The OAP enables you to develop new digital in-car services based on a NodeJS tech-stack and the new ID7 Human-Machine Interface Generation (BMW OS 7.0). It provides access to real-time car data and enables backend communication for your apps. As soon as an app is available in the BMW ConnectedDrive Store it can be deployed remotely to customers in a similar way you know it from your mobile phone.

A picture of a BMW from above.
A picture of a BMW Coupé.

Developing for BMW OAP puts endless possibilities to your fingertips, giving you multiple options to bring your ideas to millions of BMW customers around the globe.
The platform provides access to multiple capabilities, as the navigation system, the head-up display, speech input or even the car’s ambient light.

The development of apps should be easy, fast and fun. The provisioning of real-time data, the connection to the internet and the visualization on the central information display enables multiple new possibilities for your ideas.

A picture of the vehicle app icons.


Seamless Digital Store
How can we transport the concept of App Stores into cars…?
App store are well known in consumer electronics. However, a car reveals way more capabilities then a usual smartphone. Utilize the vehicle’s capabilities as head-up display, driving information systems or interior light to present digital services in the car to drivers and passengers as never seen before.
Location-based Services
How can we connect the driver of a car with his environment…?
Multiple digital services provide information that support travelers discovering new places. Design an app that provides location-based information to the passengers in the car and push their next road trip to a completely new level of discovering.
How can we enable the driver of a car to acquire new knowledge while driving…?
The silence during a relaxed drive in a car provides the perfect situation for acquiring new abilities. What about learning a new language or listening to the latest scientific talk directly in the car?
We are looking forward of your vision that makes the car the teacher for its driver.
Payment in the Car
How can we provide a seamless payment experience directly in the car…?
During a long travel, a driver manages multiple payment procedures. Several routes contain toll roads, the car needs to be refueled or you want to stave off the hunger at a drive through. This track strives for the revolution of travel payment by footing the bill without leaving the car.
Sustainable Driving
How can we incentivize our drivers to drive in the most sustainable way possible…?
Sustainability is an important issue to BMW. This raises the question, how we can help each and every customer to improve his individual emission footprint. Think about situational driving advice, global sustainability leaderboards, or other challenging mechanisms that help our customers to improve their sustainable driving style.