VR Makeathon

Create the most compelling and persuasive VR experiences possible. Hacker, designer and gaming enthusiasts wanted! The goal is to expose people to build something that's never been built before — original VR experiences.

Application deadline September 22nd.
VR Makeathon takes place October 21th – 25th.
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Team Picture of the last Think Make Start.

What's in it for me?

It’s a long road to becoming a leading tech company for premium mobility. The BMW Makeathon “Think.Make.Start.” allows you to just get started and try out new ideas and experiences. We want you to join our journey towards a tech company for premium mobility. Join us and co-create virtual reality experiences with future technologies.

We will offer indidviual prizes for the best developers and the winning team will be awarded with a protoyping budget of up to 50k to launch the service via labs.bmw.com .

A picture of a women wearing VR glasses.

We are looking for hackers, designers and gaming enthusiasts! BMW GROUP invites you to create the most compelling and persuasive VR experiences possible. Grab your Oculus Go VR Makeathon Set and get started right away.

The goal of the VR Makeathon is to expose people to new ideas, foster collaboration with highly skilled people, and build something that's never been built before — original VR experiences. At a Pre-Event you get to know specific challenges and find your dream team with the right skillset. We offer you both a BMW X5 vehicle platform and a Stanglmeier shuttle bus to implement your ideas for the future of in-Car entertainment.

Anyone may join!

The application is quite simple - send an e-mail with the following arguments to thinkmakestart@bmw.de by 22nd of September 2019:
1) I want to participate because…
2) I inspire my team with the following skills…
3) I may join the track [SDK // BOX]…
4) Please attach your CV or LinkedIn profile and an exemplary project or GitHub account.

A picture of a man standing infront of a crowd wearing AR glasses.
A picture of a winning TMS team.

The top VR experiences will be awarded with a prototyping grant (> 50,000 EUR) and the teams will be invited to present their prototypes at a BMW Pinnacle Event. BMW's VR Evangelists will also participate and support your creations regarding all vehicle interface questions.


VR – Sensor Box
BMW Group provides you a Sensor Box implemented into a vehicle of your choice. You have no boundaries but the chance to create a new mobility experience with the help of virtual reality. Join this track to create radical innovations with your colleagues. Creative minds of all backgrounds come together and seize the opportunity to push mobility of the future to the next level and make an impact.
VR – SDK Testing
BMW Group provides you a SDK to implement unique innovative VR experiences inside a moving car. Using real BMW sensor signals you can model the driving behavior in VR and enrich the application with your personal ideas of engaging content. Driving is limited by real-life traffic and roads, but the potential of VR is endless. Seize this opportunity to gamify a real driving experience with VR! We are looking forward to seeing your interpretation of this exciting symbiosis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the VR Makeathon?

A 5 day competition that enables participants to transform their ideas into functioning prototypes for the chance to bring their product to market. Focus is on both hardware and software prototypes in the category: VR Game Experiences while driving an X5 with an Oculus Go Virtual-Reality-Headset.

What to expect?

Hack, simulate, print your own vision of a individual vehicle and help create Minimum Viable Products for BMW Group in about 200 hours. Compete in interdisciplinary teams and win an award (up to 50k) to pursue your project.